Do You Think I Can Learn to Drive Again?

I remember when I was younger, I couldn’t wait to drive! My stepdad taught me to drive in the streets of Las Pinas. I learned to drive there and I thought my experience was enough. So when I was in college I begged him to let me borrow one of his cars (he buys and sells cars) and he obliged. I don’t know where I got the idea that I could actually drive from Las Pinas to UP Diliman by myself for the very first time. It was getting dark and I didn’t know how I would get there, I was just driving from memory. All I wanted was just to drive, never mind if I hadn’t attended one of those driving schools Scarborough where they train you for tougher roads.

Looking back I can’t believe I could be so reckless back then. After traveling C5 for a few minutes I realized I really didn’t know the way. I wanted to kick myself too for not thinking it was going to be harder to drive at night. Yes, it was my first time to drive without sunlight! I turned right to Pateros and thought that was the correct route. When I realized I was lost I quickly turned back and looked for EDSA. Thankfully, I did find it but until now don’t know how I was able to maneuver EDSA and drive side-by-side the reckless bus drivers without getting into an accident.

Now that I’m 30 I don’t want to drive anymore. I think I’ve lost my reckless gene along with my youth much to my husband’s chagrin because that meant he has to drive me everywhere. haha! But lately I’ve realized I really have to learn to drive again. I can’t rely all the time with my husband who has work to do. Now that the kids are getting bigger I will have to run for errands without my husband by my side. It doesn’t make sense to commute with two kids – one I can handle but two, never – so I must take the wheel again. Since we live in one of the most dangerous places to drive I have to find a driving school similar to driving school Scarborough that can better equip me with dealing with all kinds of driving hazards. After all, I have to be extra cautious with two kids with me.

What do you think? Do you think I can learn to drive again?

3 thoughts on “Do You Think I Can Learn to Drive Again?

  1. I AM TIN

    It’s never too late to learn as long as you’re willing… though I can relate with you, driving here in Manila is something especially in EDSA!

  2. musings on meanderings

    driving is something i have planned to learn a long time ago, me + my friend planned to enroll in a driving school when i found out that i was 2 months pregnant, so the plan was relegated to the sidelines.

    i would still love to learn how to drive, though, hopefully i’d be able to do that real soon. i just don’t know how i’d remember all about the car parts + how to drive it, forgetful that i was! 😉


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