It’s raining! I know most moms are already wondering if they are going to send their children to school. That’s what I like about our homeschooling setup. I don’t have to worry about sending my child to school out in the rain. I don’t have to guess whether they’ll suspend classes later or not. Today I decided to suspend our homeschooling because the weather is making us all grumpy and unproductive. Instead Z will just practice his guitar and then later we’ll make some homemade puto for merienda. It’s our first time to make this so wish us luck.

Speaking of food, let me share to you the time when we made our first dimsum. I told my eldest I wanted to cook dimsum and was pleasantly surprised when he remembered someone famous eating dimsum.


Who else but Kung Fu Panda himself?!

I got excited too when I remembered the scene when Kung Fu Panda was eating dimsum. I had no idea how it tastes because I haven’t tasted one but it certainly looked yummy.

So one morning we huddled in the kitchen and decided to try making this famous Chinese dish. And since I wanted to make it harder for me I decided to make the wrapper from scratch. I thought, “Oh this is easy. Just flour and water and knead the dough.” So I prepared the ingredients and started kneading the dough while watching a Chinese woman on YouTube who was expertly doing the same thing. The problem was I was already kneading the dough about 15 minutes and the consistency was still nowhere like the dough she had made. So I knead it about 15 minutes more. By that time, I was already kneading the dough for 30 minutes and my arms were already sore, my armpits were sweating, and I was thinking, “What am I doing? I should have bought a wrapper!”

After about 40 minutes my dough looked like this. Still not perfect but at last enough to go to the next step.

Next step, I divided the dough into two, rolled one in an outward motion so it will look like this.

Don’t ever leave your laptop on the table like I did. I was watching a video on YouTube that’s why it’s there but afterwards it got covered with flour! I was scared the tiny particles would go inside and ruin something.

Next, I asked Z to cut the elongated dough into small pieces. He couldn’t believe I let him hold a knife for the first time.

Next, we took one piece and flattened it. Since we didn’t have a rolling pin we improvised and use a cup instead. My tip, don’t even attempt without a rolling pin. We were crazy to do this because it took lots of time and we came up with wrapper that’s too thick for dimsum.

Ate Cora added the filling which consists of ground meat and other things and the final product looks like this:

You can steam or boil depending on your preference. We added this in our favorite Lucky Me noodles and it made it more filling. I wish we still had some in the fridge. It would have been perfect during a rainy day like this one.

7 thoughts on “Dimsum

  1. genefaith

    I really appreciate the beauty of Homeschooling …but as a working mom, I don’t have time to implement it to my son who happened to be nicknamed too as Z (read as Zed here in Thailand:))

    Dimsum is very important noodle ingredients here in Thailand and it can be found anywhere ! It’s really fulfilling when taken during rainy days, just like you said:)

  2. Rose

    I love Dimsum! I can eat it all day and never get tired of it. Once we tried making siomai but it was an epic fail. The texture was too soggy. Never attempted it again after that.

  3. Chan

    I would also like to homeschool my kids in the future if ever. And regarding your cooking dimsum on noodles, it’s really good to eat soups in this kind of weather. In fact, I’m right now dreaming of eating nilaga later, again haha!


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