Breast Cancer Scare

I had a breast cancer scare a couple years ago. I felt a lump under my breast which alarmed me. So I went to the doctor and had it scanned. They found a lump (don’t know the exact term) but thankfully it’s nothing to be alarmed of. Looking back, I think It has something to do with the fact that I wasn’t able to breastfeed my eldest. That’s why when I had Zack that’s one of the reasons I was more determined to make it right.

Have you heard of Juliana Rancic? I was shocked when she announced she had breast cancer a couple of months ago. She has been trying to get pregnant through IVF but no success. Unfortunately, the hormones injected to her also caused her to have breast cancer. Thankfully, she detected it early and she’s now dancer free. She will also become a mommy through a surrogate in a couple of months.

Because of stories like that I am also scared of breast cancer. It’s one of the number one killers of women in the world. I know the fact that I have breastfed now reduces my chance of having one. It’s still no guarantee but I’m somewhat comforted with the idea. Anyway, you better read this infographic to know more breast cancer facts from The Breast Cancer Society, Inc.

5 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Scare

  1. Mommy Maye

    The sister of my co-worker here has breast cancer. She had her one breast removed and undergone chemotherapy and radiation as well. I think she’s doing well but still to undergo frequent check ups.

  2. krizza

    Thank for sharing this information. You’re right! It’s time for women like us to be more conscious of our body and of course, our health. I think reading a lot will help us to get more information so as to prevent anything like this from happening.

  3. zelmarq

    I also had a lump on my left breast but no further check ups and that was 6 years ago, a year had another physical exam and the doctor told me thers a lump on the left breast, im worried but I just kneeled to God in prayer, coz if He would like to use me for His glory then its up to Himto heal me. I trusted Him and kept on praying that His healing hands be upon me.

  4. tet

    It’s really scary when you found out something is not normal in your body. My mom died of cancer but not on the breast so I was very alert with things like this. If I will feel having a lump, I will rush to the hospital right then and there.


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