BC Blogger’s Meme: A Photo Story

Thank you Shadz of Tone Down and Vintage for hosting this week’s meme. Today at BC Blogger’s Meme, we’re going to have some show and tell. We’re going to show you some photos and you tell us what you think about those photos. You can make up your own story if you like. 🙂

Ever since my husband started working at home we rarely use our car anymore. So I guess we shouldn’t have been too surprised when we looked out of the window one weekend and saw this:



This got to be the biggest spider I have seen for a while. The last time I saw a spider as big as this I was still living in the province.

Can you tell me a story about this poor spider? What do you think happened to him?

13 thoughts on “BC Blogger’s Meme: A Photo Story

  1. Shadz

    Looks like one of Spidey’s friends visited you. That looks like it’s crawling or hanging upside down on the wires. Nice shot. 🙂 Thanks for the link love and the opportunity to host this week’s meme. It’s been fun seeing all those photos posted and interpreting each of their content. <3


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