Wild Chords will Teach Your Kids to Play Guitar Chords

Z’s favorite iPad app is Wild Chords. Every day after finishing his PACES he will get his guitar and iPad and play with Wild Chords.

Wild Chords teaches kids the different guitar chords in a fun manner. If you want your kids to learn their chords without forcing them then download this app in your iPad. Ever since hubby discovered this he doesn’t have to remind Z anymore to practice.

Here is a picture of Wild Chords in action.


The little boy holding a guitar in the app is suspended in the air with the help of balloons. He has to pass by a couple of owls with a letter on its belly. If Z hits the right notes in his guitar then the owl will fall asleep from the sound. If he fails to hit the right note then the owl will fly and strike one of the balloons causing the boy to fall.

Here’s my two boys practicing their guitars. Of course, one of them is just pretending he knows his stuff. haha!

wild chords
zack, zyke ipad, guitar

Here’s my son challenging his Dad to play one of the difficult levels which he failed. haha!

wild chords

Wild chords is a highly recommended iPad app (not sure if it will work with apple ipod touch though) for kids. The best thing is it’s free! Download it and watch your child learn before your eyes.

3 thoughts on “Wild Chords will Teach Your Kids to Play Guitar Chords

  1. Samantha Lee

    I’ll check out that app. My son kept this post on my laptop because he love looking at your kids with the guitar. Now, he wants me to buy one for him too.

  2. LaDyXciD

    Waaah this app is so cute and effective. I hope there’s also an app like this for Android.. and I hope it’s free -_- I’m not a kiddo anymore but I wanted to learn to play guitar and I might be using this app to make that come true.. 🙂


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