When Zack Tried to Sing (at 17 Months)…

Good morning!

How’s your morning so far? Our morning is not too good. Hubby and Z came back home early this morning with sad, long faces. After a week, the neighborhood basketball court is still closed. They were told the paint is still drying. Now we’re wondering just what kind of paint takes a week to dry?! Tsk, tsk.

Well, if our mornings are uneventful, our nights are more interesting. I told hubby the earlier we can get the kids to sleep, the more time we have for ourselves later. Other parents will call this their special bonding time with the kids but we’re just plain tired and want them out of the way so we can do what we want. haha!

So after dinner, I read them stories I found online (Click here for some great stories with cool animation!).

Then I sang to them nursery rhymes and children songs like Baa baa black sheep, Row row row your boat, London bridge, etc. But imagine, my 17 month old just stared at me with this utterly bored expression on his face. Awww, I got so sad talaga. I knew I couldn’t sing but I was hoping my baby wouldn’t notice. And that’s when it hit me. After listening to John Mayer and Jason Mraz I realized these nursery songs didn’t stand a chance! So whew, it’s not me but the songs pala. hahaha!

Good thing hubby stopped playing his Final Fantasy game and took over. He played Jason Mraz songs for them. The two kids scrambled to get their guitars and all three huddled together for some music bonding.

Here’s a video I took of them. Okay, let me explain what’s happening. The music, Everything is Sound, by Jason Mraz is playing in the iPad. Z (on the right) wants to learn to play this song on his guitar so he’s asking his Dad what the chords were. You can hear hubby telling him the chords at the start of the vid.

Little Zack wanted to sing the song but couldn’t. At barely two, his vocabulary is still limited. But watch how he tried singing the song at 00:24 even with his limited vocab. Kakatuwa! With matching rockstar expression pa.

That’s our future rock star. When you see him 20 years later, remember you saw him first here in his mommy’s blog. hahaha!

21 thoughts on “When Zack Tried to Sing (at 17 Months)…

  1. anne lei

    Most paints depend on the temperature and humidity so that’s why it takes so long to dry. Anyway, nice to know that your kids already showing signs of their talents.

  2. Daddy Yashiro

    Hahaha! That was really nice! Too bad I didn’t pursue my guitar lesson, though I know a few simple chords to play.

    Kids can sure learn a lot if those things are present and at the reach of their hands. Guidance is all they need.

  3. CC

    It’s nice to see that your kids are showing how musically inclined they are at an early age. You must be really proud. 🙂

    Btw, Zack is so cute!

  4. Mai

    He is absolutely adorable! We would be so happy if we will be blessed with a baby like him. 🙂 oh by the way, my tuesday morning is dark. i mean literally, our office department’s lights are not working. *wink*wink*

  5. jackie

    Mommy may future talaga ang Little Z mo… ako then nahihirapang patulugin ang 4-month old baby ko… but when I got to sing the alphabet song with matching sign language, nag-eenjoy talaga sya 🙂

  6. Marie

    lol, that’s really fun.. I hope my children would learn how to play guitars too, cause at the moment the only thing they like to do with it is to whack it against the wall.. which is, well, what a rock star do as well.. haha..

  7. Gigi Beleno

    Yeah! that was so cute. I think nowadays kids are so musically inclined ‘coz they get to watch things like this on TV. But yours might got some extra talent that needs honing later. goodluck!

  8. Pepper Tan

    Wow, you have a rocker for a son! I think I can watch that video over and over again :). I always enjoy seeing kids leaning towards music. That will certainly develop their personality and confidence: essential skills they’ll make good use of until their adulthood.

  9. Lalah

    you got such talented kids and I’m sure your hubby enjoy teaching the bagets and jamming with them the more 🙂 Nice boys bonding time too.

  10. Shadz

    Your kids, at such ages, can sing along to Jason Mraz; haha, that ought to be fun! Ok lang yung kay bunso, kasi if he can pick up on the melody, he can start off with that and then develop the other aspects later. 🙂

  11. Jessica Cassidy

    I thought I left my comment already Sis Paula 🙁 I must not submit it 🙁 I am so sorry 🙁 I am glad to know that your boys are loving the guitar 🙂 The little one is a cutie 🙂 He wants to let everybody know that he can sing too 🙂


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