We’re Back in Our Morning Routine

After a looong absence we’re back in our morning routine. Actually, it’s just Zack and me who are guilty of not exercising. Hubby and Z have been going to the basketball court since last Tuesday while me and Zack were at home busy sleeping. hehe

But after two weeks of sleeping in I don’t want any of that anymore. I noticed we are having problems with Zack’s eating and sleeping habits. 🙁 Before after coming back from our exercise Zack would be so tired and hungry that when we got home he would wolf down his breakfast in a flash. But now, some mornings he doesn’t even want to eat breakfast anymore. Before he would take his nap regularly at 9am and at 2pm. Come night time I would prepare the children to sleep at 7pm and by 8 or 8:30 at the latest they would be asleep.

Now he’s sleeping schedule is a mess! Some days he only takes one nap or he would take two naps but would sleep really late like 11am and 5pm. At night, he has even more trouble falling to sleep. Take for example last night, he was able to sleep at 10 in the evening already! I put him to sleep at 8 but he can’t fall asleep. When he finally closes his eyes and I thought he was already sleeping I would leave him and he would cry this long anguish cry like he’s in pain. So sad talaga. 🙁

And just to prove my point, right now we have just come back from our morning exercise. By the time we got home he was so hungry he was grabbing his Dad’s breakfast. I had to pry his dirty hands away from the bread because he hasn’t washed his hands yet. Then when he was seated on his chair, he ate his breakfast like there was no tomorrow.

Now while I’m typing this, it’s 8:20 am and he’s already soundly sleeping in his crib! Amazing what a little exercise in the morning can do to little kids! If you’re having trouble with your kids sleeping and eating habits I suggest you let them enjoy an hour out to play too.

Anyway, so here are some shots of how our morning went.

The basketball court’s floor is newly painted. Check out the color combination. Someone bought too many colors of paint at the hardware store. hehe


Z was proud of his Miami Heat uniform. Is it true they qualified in the finals? I’m not a basketball fan kasi but with two boys I think I better be updated with NBA na.


Zack was busy with his brand new toy which his Dad almost didn’t buy. I’ll tell you later about that.



The pink ladies are now in yellow! Gosh, hubby told me there was a fee daw in joining. Oh my, I thought it was for free! I have been joining them for two months now. It’s so embarrassing!



Hubby and Z doing their morning run.


By the way, tomorrow is the sports fest of the Men’s Fellowship in our church. He said he signed up for all the games – table tennis, dart, and basketball, etc. Out of all the games he’s nervous about basketball the most. He said he thinks he wouldn’t last 5 minutes into the game. hahaha!

4 thoughts on “We’re Back in Our Morning Routine

  1. CorbyLove

    zack was cute in his miami heat uniforms. theres a 50/50 chance that miami might get the championship this time. but i’m pro-OKC. hehehe


  2. Farida

    These are the rewards of both parents working from home eh? You get to spend quality time with your kids that are growing up so fast. 🙂


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