The Day Zack Arrived

I found Zack’s birth pictures! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about the day I gave birth to him. It was last April 2010 when I announced I was pregnant. I had it relatively easy during pregnancy but we all know that’s not an indication with what will happen during labor.

I can still remember that day as if it was yesterday. After spending 2 days in the clinic awaiting for my baby’s delivery I finally gave up waiting and went home. Even with baby number two I still CAN’T distinguish between a false alarm and the real thing. *sigh!

That’s the reason why two weeks later, on December 2nd, I was still hesitant to go back even when my water bag was already leaking for a full 24 hours. I was waiting for contractions and I didn’t want to go until I felt them. I found out later I put my child’s life in danger and my baby was injected with antibiotics (I think it was that) for a week after he came out as a consequence. When I finally went back to the clinic (mainly because my mom ordered me to go asap) my hubby was at the office and I was only with Z and Bam. I felt no pain or contractions so I decided to just wait for the contractions to come by myself and sent them home. This was feasible because the clinic where I was giving birth was just a 3-minute walk from our house. I thought it was going to be a long wait but, surprise, within five minutes I was already doubling in pain. The midwives were in their room and I was alone in the hallway where I was previously walking back and forth. There were no patients either. I didn’t want to alarm them because I wanted to be sure. I went to the comfort room and tried to do number 2 just to be sure it was the real thing coming out and not you know what. haha! When I still felt unbelievable pain afterwards that was the only time when I called out for help.

They said each pregnancy is different. With my firstborn I was calmly timing the in-between contractions. When the contractions where about 5 minutes apart, I told my husband matter-of-factly to take me to the clinic where my baby took me by surprise by coming out only after me pushing for four whole hours! It was so exhausting I even declared I was giving up. I wanted to sleep to regain my strength and just continue pushing later. But the midwife wanted none of it so I kept on pushing until he finally came out. Thank, God!

With my second child, the contractions were nonexistent which took me by surprise and my experience was easier because I only had to push for an hour and he was out.

But the story didn’t end there. Baby and I were both cleaned and wheeled in our private room after. That’s when I realized my hubby doesn’t even know I already gave birth! Good thing the phone was within reach so I texted him. He thought I was kidding. Anyway, I never let him forget that moment until now. haha!

And here he is, his first pictures:
With his proud Kuya.

And proud Mom. The fact that I can already smile after a fews hours meant I had it relatively easy this time. When Z was born I couldn’t muster a smile for a picture. Labor was that difficult the first time. haha!

Finally Dad arrived. Ehem, you were late, Dad!haha

8 thoughts on “The Day Zack Arrived

  1. Gene

    I wish my second pregnancy would be that easy. I had a lot of labor pains with my first born and I am so glad that they let me sleep during the actual delivery. Though I do regret that daughter and I never really had that love at first sight moment. I saw her on the second day via the nursery window and got to hold her on our way home.

  2. Marco Polo Demo

    Babies are truly a blessing to all of us, especially for the moms. It gives us joy!

    He’s so cute! I noticed the lamp with a clipper. We did that also with our second child. hehehe Babies need a controlled environment.

  3. Rosemarie_Pinay Singlemom

    I also had an easy pregnancy with the little one although the vomiting stuff last until last month of my pregnancy but that was bearable compare to morning sickness :). While I have an easy pregnancy I had hard giving birth. I was in labor for two days, walking back and fourth in the labor room to the point that my feet is already aching, i am walking barefooted eh. The doctor decided to induce me after they notice that i stayed 5 cm after 8 hours and the pain is almost gone.. That was when i started crying…I am afraid of needle and my boyfriend then (ex-bf now) was now where to be found…

  4. anygen

    Wish to have a baby soon. Your Z is so cute sis, time flies too fast. Labor as they said is difficualt but after seeing the baby everything will be paid off… So excited to have one!


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