The Apple of Our Eyes isn’t the Youngest – A Father’s Day Tribute

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads especially to the best Dad in the whole world, aka my husband.

You know in our family, my husband is really the apple of everyone’s eye. We fight over who gets to sleep beside him at night – I always win! We fight for his attention after he sign out from work – the kids win but then I announce it’s already their bedtime so I can get him all to myself haha! We even fight over who gets to eat beside him at the dinner table.

We love him so much maybe that’s the reason why we have date nights, kids’ time, and family time so we’ll know whose turn it is to spend time with him. haha!

Anyway, this is all just a friendly competition. The truth is I am thrilled he is such a great father to my kids.

In fact, since he started working at home last year so much has changed in our small family. It’s really different when you have the father inside the house. The dynamics have changed for the better! Let me explain further. He spoils the kids rotten but that doesn’t mean they don’t obey him. It’s really the opposite. He doesn’t have to shout or spank them to make them obey. He can just look at them in the eye and talk to them in a stern voice and they understood he means business. Even Zack who is only 18 months old knows that when his Dad says “No” it is time to stop. That’s why my life has gotten so much easier just because he is around 24/7. He has become my not so secret weapon when dealing with the kids.

For example:

  • When Z refused to finish his food, I tell him to tell Daddy and he would sigh and eat all up no questions asked.
  • When Z is being more hard headed than usual and won’t obey I threaten to tell his Dad and that would be the end of discussion.
  • I even learned that he can make them obey even through phone. Like one time Z and I went to his Lolo’s house and hubby was left at home. His Lolo wanted to take him to the cinema but Z didn’t want to go. As a last resort, I called my husband for help. So he said to put Z through and had a chat with his son. Oh, you should have seen the expression on Z’s face while they were talking. He had this defiant expression on his face at first which quickly changed to this face portraying pure obedience. It was like he was hypnotized over the phone! I couldn’t believe it.

Isn’t my hubby amazing?

That’s why this Father’s Day I really thought long and hard on what gift to give him. I didn’t want anything expensive because I was on a budget. So I thought, “What was the cheapest that he’ll appreciate the most?”

And I came up with this:


A massage oil! O ha, am I a genius or what? One bottle of this only costs a little over P200 at Watson’s. You can even buy one at P150 at Zen Zest. But what you’ll save in pesos will cost you an arm and leg in service. haha! That’s what I found out after giving my hubby a full body massage yesterday on one of our foam mattresses. Gosh, it’s hard ha! I was sweating all over. Now I have so much respect for professional masseuse. This is what you really call labor of love talaga. But it’s all worth it. I think he fell in love with me more after that back breaking massage. haha!

But I could’t resist to give him another gift. It destroyed my budget but I didn’t mind. After all, Father’s day comes only once in a year. And besides, it’s so fragrant I won’t mind smelling this on him all day.


Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Thank you for investing so much of your time with us. Money can’t buy what you’ve given us and we’re so thankful for all your sacrifice. We promise to give you our unconditional love and obedience. We love you so much!


17 thoughts on “The Apple of Our Eyes isn’t the Youngest – A Father’s Day Tribute

  1. Janice

    Ang galing noh! My husband is the same. With just a stern look then obey kaagad yung kids. So sad nga lang it was on Father’s day that he has to leave us again for work.

    1. admin Post author

      Yup, kaka-amaze nga mga Daddies. Don’t worry they work for us naman and there are other days of the week to celebrate. We just have to adjust for them sometimes. 🙂

  2. Pretty Kat

    nakukuha pala sila sa tingin ni daddy, ang di nila alam eh mas malambot si daddy kaysa kay mommy lol.

    ang sweet mo naman sis, ganda ng gift mo kay hubby… ako wala akong gift sa kanya kasi walang budget dahil nakaratay pa nga sya hanggang ngayon sa bed… di makalakad pero okay na sya sa awa ng diyos… nakaraos din sa hospital bills.

  3. allan

    I really don’t know kung anu meron ang mga tatay. Ganun din ako nung bata sa father ko. But now, I don’t know if my son sees me the same. Minsan nakikinig sya. Minsan gagayahin lang ako. He is just 2 years old pa lang kasi and medyo makulit talaga ang ganitong stage.
    Happy father’s day to all fathers!

  4. miekee_18

    Happy Father’s Day to your Hubby! Same situation tayo, yung hubby ko din isang tingin lang sa kambal kapag nag aaway sila ok na agad samantalang ako nagkanda paos paos na at nag san goku na di pa din sila tumitigil..UNFAIR noh!!hehe:)

  5. anne lei

    happy father’s day to your husband. Mas takot nga ako sa tatay ko kesa sa nanay ko. it’s because mas madaling pakiusapan ang girl, unlike guys that has firm decision.

  6. Gil Camporazo

    Wow what a thrill you’ve with your loving and caring hubby. He’s well respected by your kid. You’ve perfect Father’s Day gift for him. Maintain your perfect bonding. God bless!

  7. Shengkay

    great gift! massage!
    I wanted to know the basic of massage so that when times comes that i’ll marry na eh marnung na ako mag massage.. I know most men like massage talaga…
    galing mo namang wife mommy!
    kahit na late na happy fathers day pa rin sa hubby mo..


    Wow those were nice gifts for your husband Sis! That perfume, I think super bango talaga nyan. But your own massage maybe was the best gift for him. happy Father’s Day to all!

  9. Dulce

    Hi Joanna!
    Before I stumbled on this blog of yours, I was thinking about that event last time, I think (Friday) during the rehearsal of the P&W on the 60s, when ur son (whats the name of ur youngest?) accidentally fell down under the bench and cried so much, na-shock yata bigla sya napunta sa ilalim.. and what Zander did was really simply amazing to stop him from crying and feel secured again that nothing wrong was happening that time. Sabi ko sa sarili ko (being a Psyk grad) he knew his daddy psychology, and i like that strategy of parents, not being negative and kids dont obey out of fear but of respect and love.. Congrats, both of u and Sander, I know very well you have a very significant role in him. Sabi nga nila, behind every man’s success is a woman.. you two are very admirable!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, Ate Dulce for your heartwarming comment!
      Si Sander talaga ang magaling sa bata, just like what you saw sa church ganun din siya sa bahay. He’s really a great father and our kids adore him. Me, I’m still a work in progress. haha! I can’t take credit coz I think the woman behind him is his lola and his mom and the late Ptra Pat who influenced him to be the kind hearted, loving and Godfearing person that he is. But hopefully in the future I will be that woman you’re referring to. 🙂


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