Snack of the Day: Popcorn

Don’t you just love popcorn?

The last time I was at the market I bought half a kilo of popcorn. You know, the one that you put in a casserole, add a little oil, and wait to pop. I almost bought a kilo but then I remembered a little amount can already go a long way. I don’t exactly remember how much it was but I think it’s not more then P30 for half a kilo. Popcorn is one of our favorite snacks. It’s healthier than other snacks because it’s low in calorie and rich in fiber and antioxidants. Which means I don’t feel guilty when I serve this to my family for merienda. Add some powdered cheese and it’s already as yummy as the popcorn we buy at the movies.

But our favorite popcorn is not homemade. Whenever we go to the mall, we always make sure to take home our favorite snack – Kettle Korn popcorn. The three of us have our own favorite flavors. Hubby likes barbecue, Z likes cheese, while I love the caramel flavor. During our homeschool lesson this morning, Z and I shared this bag of Kettle Korn popcorn in caramel flavor. Little Zack also likes this one but I get nervous whenever he eats. I read before that popcorns are one of those choking hazards together with hotdog and grapes which he also loves eating.

Kettle Korn Popcorn
I forbid him to eat this for a while but it seems he has alraedy mastered the art of eating it so I allowed him to eat it again. I just make sure he’s sitting down properly and he’s not preoccupied with toys so he can concentrate and swallow it properly.


The thing with Kettle Korn is it’s expensive at P50 a pack. Compared to the one I bought at the wet market this is really expensive. If only I know how to make one just like this at home. Can anyone teach me how to do it?

3 thoughts on “Snack of the Day: Popcorn

  1. Mommy Maye

    My husband tried to make a caramelized popcorn but it ended up to trash so we don’t ever do it again. haha. I love Kettle Korn popcorn too, and I wish can make it at home too para unlimited. Mura lang naman ang popcorn but I think they used a different corn kernel for that kaya mas puffy sya.


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