Sick and Tired of Toys

You know you overdid buying your kid his toys when you hear him saying,

“I’m so sick and tired of toys, Mom!” (translation: Sawang sawa na ako sa laruan!)

I raised my eyebrows at my hubby when I heard that. I wanted to tell him it’s all his fault! LOL!

You see, every time we would go to the mall we would not come home until we bought a toy for Z. It’s my hubby who insists we drop by at the toy store each and every time. No, you wouldn’t hear my son saying he wants to buy toys. In fact, my hubby would sometimes even persuade him to choose the one he liked. That’s why I hold him fully responsible. hehe

Anyway, it turned out he had his own reason for saying what he said. He wanted us to buy him his very own electric guitar for his birthday. Hmm, before long he would also be requesting for one of these ibanez effects pedals Musicians friend. I hope this time hubby would show some restraint this time and now buy him more than what he needs.

2 thoughts on “Sick and Tired of Toys

  1. Lady

    Haha I think this is going to be me when I have my own kids.
    Sometimes I worry if maybe my “kid plans” are even healthy or will just bring pressure to my kids ^-^;

    Sounds like your son is growing into his own self. Already a little man! hehe 🙂

  2. Kha

    really kids can say that?!.. hahaha Maybe if my princess will do in the future I will laugh hard and remember this post. Kids nowadays are really amazing. They think and act advanced to their ages.


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