Our Vikings Buffet Experience

Good morning!

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Anyway, last Friday I had a chance to bond with my old friend, Erla. Let me make it clear that she is not old. We’re the same age, in our 30s. But we met when we were five years old which means we have been friends for 26 years. Wow, that’s a quarter of a century. Gosh, I take my word back. We’re definitely old! haha!

So as I was saying, we met last Friday to eat at Vikings. I didn’t really knew about Vikings until Erla brought it up. And since I love eating out but don’t get to do it as often I immediately said yes. I thought it was finally my time to eat food that’s not from Jollibee or McDo or Tropical Hut. Yes, it was supposed to be a girls’ day out but for some reason I wanted to bring Z along. I always enjoy going out with my eldest son now that he is already a big boy. Plus I want to introduce him to buffet eating and see what he rate it against the famous fast foods.


If you want to eat at Vikings, be sure to call in first to make a reservation. For some reason their phone was not working when I tried to call and found out they were accepting reservations through Facebook. So I posted on their wall a day before and they acknowledged it that same day.

So we had no problems the day we went there and were promptly seated. We saw some people waiting for their turn to be seated outside. I think they were the ones who didn’t make a reservation.

We got seated at the end of the very corner, far from the food. I asked why because I can see reserved tables nearer. She said those reserved months in advance. If that’s true then we’re in for a treat.

Sorry, I don’t have pictures of the food coz I forgot to charge my camera the night before. Tsk, tsk. Anyway, you can find a lot of photos on other blogs if you search for Viking on Google. I love everything they served. Even my little boy enjoyed it. He ate two pizza slices, drumstick, lots of cakes, plus this marshmallow that he kept on dipping on chocolate. I think it’s called a fondue. I paid P400 for his food. You might think it’s not worth it for the amount of food he has eaten but he enjoyed his first buffet experience a lot. He kept on raving about it to his Dad after.


If you’re planning to try Vikings I advise for you to try it on a weekday because it only costs P699. On weekends I think it’s more than 1k.

29 thoughts on “Our Vikings Buffet Experience

  1. Mommy Maye

    Hi Paula! I am very thankful I joined BC Bloggers. Because of BC Bloggers, I became more inspired to blog as I get to go from one blog to another. I am learning more about blogging. Thanks for this sis. By the way, I have a highschool classmate working at Vikings 🙂

    Mommy Maye

  2. The Joyful Crafter

    Thank you for hosting BC Bloggers! Through it I discovered lots of wonderful blog sites, met new people & had my much needed blog traffic, haha. Suffice to say, I am one proud and happy member! ☺

    I haven’t tried Viking but my shobe and her friends did. I’ve been to Buffet 101 & Yakimix though. Buffet 101 is at the other end of where Vikings is. From what I heard, it’s from the same group of owners who parted hence the same concept but of different names.

    If you’re familiar and loves to eat shabu-shabu, I’d recommend you to try King One. It’s also from the same owner as Yakimix. It’s an eat-all-you-can type & we love their fat beef, lol. It’s only P599. But there’s no cakes & ice cream for dessert available there… but a complimentary tray of fruits.

    Indeed, it’s always more enjoyable to eat at these type of places with our family & close friends. ♥

  3. zoan

    I think we don’t have VIKINGS here in Mindanao, if ever there is, I would love to try them out.:)

    Yes, I received you email for the BC bloggers MEME, will make my post na ahaha

  4. Bonzenti | Con Tour Blog

    1,000 is too expensive for 1 person, but for 3 persons, that’s already an affordable price. They have an effective marketing strategy, but they have to repair their phone for more convenience in asking for a reservation. :-).

  5. anygen

    Oh, I tried viking before and I will not do it again. Feeling so dizzy after! So here in Norway viking is not my type anymore but surely fun for kids.

  6. verna

    I love Vikings!
    I also think that their name suits them, indeed appropriate. Number one on my list talaga. Feast talaga.

  7. reese

    same here ms. paula…thank you so much for hosting bc bloggers, in just 3 weeks – my traffic got better and my alexa rank improved

  8. Farida

    Congratulations! BC bloggers has really made many people happy and busy thinking of subjects for the next comment exchange. Blogs were made to be enjoyed by other readers and this is a good means of promoting each others site as well. Also, I would like to personally thank you for helping me out. Nothing is definite yet but I will let you know once something has been finalized 😀

    From the photo of Z, he seems to have enjoyed the experience and you need a break too every so often. It must be so heartwarming to be able to get reconnected to a long time friend! 😀

  9. CorbyLove

    I’ve been to a lot of buffets but never been to vikings. i’d like to try it some time. but if your in davao, their P99 buffet is is by far the cheapest buffet i think. 🙂

  10. Sumi

    I like how Vikings has a wide selection of food on their buffet tables. My sis and I love exploring every station! 🙂 Anyway, if you like Chinese food, try Buffet 101 too. It’s just on the other side of the bay and they have good quality buffet food, even a live suahe tank!

  11. JayL

    i always want to try Vikings at MOA but my family always want Yakimix or Gerry’s. Thanks to your blog post I already have an idea what to expect 🙂

  12. korean drama addict

    i have heard about it, looks really grand, this means losing my diet, ha ha ha. I have won a buffet gc from electrolux and since they know that i could not use it, they exchange it to sodexho which is good.

  13. Bee

    I’d love to try Vikings too. Thanks for the tip na weekday pumunta. anlaki din ng difference. Would you know if they offer the same choices pag weekdays?


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