Micsis aka Guitar Doctor

Last Saturday we went back to the guitar doctor. I know you’ve been wondering how he looks like because I’ve been blogging about him here. No, he doesn’t wear white like the regular doctors but he is just as passionate as they are with his work.

Here he is working on his desk.

guitar doctor

These guitars are well-loved by their owners so you see, his work is not easy. This is a full-time job and it requires his full concentration.
guitar doctor

This is what we came here for – our church’s old bass guitar. This guitar is really old. I think it was donated to our church in the 1970s which makes this a vintage guitar. This is the second time hubby bought it to the guitar doctor. The first time he had the pick guard replaced (that’s the smooth, white ceramic that you see in the body). But a few weeks after that, it was mishandled. This is used by teens in our church so accidents like this is bound to happen. Hubby said if only the kids know how valuable this guitar is then they would take care of it more. So now the guitar doctor replaced it with a thicker pick guard. Hopefully, this will last longer.

1970 fender bass guitar

Hubby wanted to test it before we go but he was soon mobbed by his kids.

vintage fender bass guitar

fender bass guitar

So if you have old guitars that need to be repaired or customized you know where to go:

Mike Sison
Guitar Doctor
100-A Greenheights Ave., Greenheights Village, Sucat, Paranaque

3 thoughts on “Micsis aka Guitar Doctor

  1. Jhari

    That club house sandwich looks so delicious. I used to play the guitar. Hubby even bought me one for my 29th birthday. But I had to sell it since I’m not even using it. hehehe! Sayang lang.

  2. CC

    I wonder how young the teens are? Because when I was younger, I took care of my guitar like a baby. My friends also did the same thing. I hope you were able to teach them how valuable your guitar is, and that they should be responsible enough to handle it properly. 🙂


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