Lunch at Gotti’s Restorante

Happy Monday morning!

How was your weekend? I woke up with the news that TV5 and GMA 7 is merging? Huh?! What just happened to the Philippines? Is Manny V. Pangilinan trying to buy the whole country? Didn’t he just took over Meralco while the senators were impeaching former Chief Justice Corona last weekend? Where did he get all his money? Is it from Philex Mining?

I’m quite sad because just when I thought the network battles just got interesting with the entry of TV5 in the arena and now it’s back to two networks again trying to beat each other in the ratings game but this time it’s TV5-GMA 7 vs. ABS-CBN. Hmm, but the two of them together beating up ABS is not bad either, no? We’ll see about that in the future.

Anyway, we went to the mall last weekend to eat lunch and to shop some groceries.

We tried this new restaurant named Gotti’s Restorante. It serves your favorite Italian foods.

And the verdict? We’re so glad we tried it! One of my pet peeves is trying out a new restaurant and ending up with food that we don’t like. That’s the reason we try to stick to what we like.

Because our 7-year old is a picky eater, we take his choices into consideration. That’s why we ordered this pepperoni pizza.

gottis pepperoni pizza

I was craving for some pasta so I ordered Carbonara.

gottis restorante carbonara

Little Zack, who is only 17 months old is our problem when we dine out. Normally, he would only eat french fries but this time we discovered something he likes

Dirty fingers!

gottis dirty fingers

No, I’m not referring to those cute fingers trying to grab a piece while I’m still shooting. This dish really called dirty fingers.

gottis restorante dirty fingers

Zack really loves his dirty fingers. I think he ate five of these in one sitting.


Just look how happy he was after.


Kuya was also happy with his pasta. He ate two pepperoni pizza.

But hubby and mine’s favorite is the carbonara. Or more specifically, the bacon in the carbonara. Yummy!

Now, we’re still eating some leftover pizza. It didn’t taste as yummy back at the resto but here at home it tastes good. How did that happen?

11 thoughts on “Lunch at Gotti’s Restorante

  1. Mommy Maye

    I love pizza! Penge naman! Nagutom ako bigla e. Anyway, the merging of TV 5 and GMA 7 has been on the news lately but heresay lang but yesterday parang there are details na. Could this be true? Parang Mr. Gozon asking price is 100 B.

  2. Cristine

    Nakakagutom 🙂 Carbonara looks delicious and Dirty Fingers is perfect for kids 🙂 My elder son Ian doesn’t like veggies in his pizza, he also loves pepperoni and pizza with all eat and cheese toppings.

    1. admin Post author

      Hmm, that’s the one the grandparents next to us were eating. I joked to my husband when we get old that’s our future, eating nothing but salads. Thanks for the tip. Next time we’ll try those.

  3. Gene

    Something new to try. We haven’t tried this yet but I am curious about the dirty fingers. Are those chicken? Do they have soup there? Daughter loves soup and usually just eat that. She’s not a fan of pizza but she sometimes eat cheese pizza. I have a picky eater, argh!


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