I Got Asked To Go on a Date

Hubby is so sweet! He declared Wednesday as our official date night. I know I told you we started dating again last February but we stopped after two months because life took over (again!). So we just stopped doing it and I wasn’t even disappointed. I was just plain busy from taking care of the kids, homeschooling, and trying to set up our furniture store website.

But last week I was surprised when he mentioned it again. I was proud, not of him but myself. haha!

“Gosh, I trained him well!” I thought. So ladies, don’t give up on your men. Yes, you can still teach him anything. If I was able to do it so can you. hahaha!

So now you know why I’m looking forward to Wednesday. I wonder what his plans are. Do you think he’ll give me flowers as beautiful as these philadelphia flowers?

gerbera flowers

These are called Gerberas, by the way. They cost $108 at Sally’s Flowers. (You can gasp now.) I like them because they’re not overly arranged. They’re as fresh as they can get. As if they were just picked up from the garden. 🙂

But flowers or no flowers I know I’m going to enjoy our date. I’m already thrilled knowing this time it’s his idea and not mine. I feel like a girl being asked out on a date again. But it’s even more meaningful when it’s your husband who does it even after 7 years of marriage.

18 thoughts on “I Got Asked To Go on a Date

  1. Farida

    I like the line, “gosh i trained him so well.” This made me grin as I recalled the times when I had to “train” my boyfriend too in the past. Now, he is even more thoughtful than I am and was I glad I have been patient with him. Have a great week ahead. By the way, my link is in #3 and 57. Hope you can edit it. Thanks!

  2. Rochelle

    Very sweet! I never received any flowers from someone special, I’m so young for a love life dramas but I always hope someday my husband would be like yours, romantic as if he’s still courting you . Anyways hope you enjoy your date on Wednesday!

  3. ceemee

    Awww…. This is so romantic! I wish my hubby and I could go out on a date, too, just the two of us. It’s hard because I’m breastfeeding on demand.

  4. Pearl

    date nights are very important for couples, even long-married couples. my husband and I also have date nights every Friday, especially when he wasn’t yet assigned in Davao, but the one thing that we don’t take for granted is our wedding anniversary which we celebrate yearly by going on out-of-town trips minus the kids, of course 🙂

  5. Jen

    I love the date night/day idea! Looking back, my husband and I usually went out on a Thursday night. Now it’s going to be extra special when we start calling that day our “date night”.


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