How We Will Survive Without House Help?

It’s still two months away but it’s enough to give me nightmares at night. What is this awful thing that I’ve been dreading and has been the stuff of my nightmares?

It’s the day my house helper goes on a one-month vacation.

It was not always this way. When we rented our first apartment I had to do all the chores. I didn’t enjoy them but I had absolutely no help and somehow I managed. Sure we sometimes we had to eat burnt rice, undercooked meat, and unidentified dishes (because my cooking turned out different from the recipe I was following) but at least we survived.

So how are we going to cope now? I decided to make it a team effort.

I’m in-charge of the cooking and cleaning.
Cooking three times a day and making the house clean will already keep me busy throughout the day. At the same time I still have to take care of our dog and cat and make sure the yard is clean. Not to mention folding clothes and putting things away. And oh, did I mention that I have two kids too? We will take a break from homeschooling for a month to keep my sanity but that’s okay because we didn’t take a break from studying even during the summer.

Z is in-charge of washing the dishes and looking after his younger brother while I’m busy.
I have no problem with dishwashing. My eldest has been doing that for years as early as 2009 based on this blog post so I know I can count on him. He likes to play with water and so it takes him 30 minutes to wash the dishes but I don’t mind even if it takes him an hour as long as he does it. haha!

Hubby will do the laundry.
Again, he has helped me with the laundry years ago when we only had a manual washing machine. Now we have an automatic so I’m sure he can do this.

I’m glad my family is so helpful and they’re there when I need them most. But if worst comes to worst and I still need additional help, I won’t be ashamed to ask for it. There’s nothing to be shameful about buying takeout food, sending the clothes to the laundry, or calling carpet cleaning nyc for help with that awful carpet stain. The most important thing is we admit that we’re human and that we won’t be able to do everything by ourselves and to just try our best to cope with the situation.

16 thoughts on “How We Will Survive Without House Help?

  1. Mai

    my nanay used to worry over the no-house-help issue, way back when we were still little. somehow, we have survived and ended up being too healthy. heehee. good to know your boys are pretty cooperative.

  2. Mommy Maye

    I am glad that my son’s yaya do also the household chores and even cooks early in the morning. We can’t afford to do the household chores because we are both working. But my husband is often in charge of the kitchen because our little one always follow mommy whenever I am at home so I can’t work at the kitchen. Not unless they go out to have a stroll. 🙂

  3. sarah

    That is so true Paula. There is really nothing wrong with having other chores done with a service fee like the laundry or buying take out food from time to time. You have your health to take care of. Besides, you also have to work and do what you love most.

  4. Pearl

    I’m sure you’ll survive one month 🙂 you have a tight team that won’t let you down. My family has no househelper for the past 5 or more years, and we have learned to live with it, though of course, my kids are much older than yours, so they can do more household chores like doing the laundry or ironing their own school uniforms, washing the dishes, mopping and sweeping the floors, and cleaning their own rooms. Having no househelp is actually a good training ground for our kids, so that they wouldn’t be so dependent on their yayas.

  5. Cristine

    Right mommy Paula we shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help. You are very lucky your hubby and son give their share in doing the household chores 🙂

  6. promding chamimay

    im dreading August too… my son’s yaya informed us that she’s planning to stay-out… which is going to be very hard for us specially during days when i have late night meetings… urgh… hope i can find a replacement soon…. too sad though cause my son loves the yaya already….

  7. Tyna Quimpo

    You’ll survive. Dami nga lang adjustments. We lost our helper since January too pero in the long run you’ll realize what a great teamwork you and your hubby have. Kaya yan!

  8. zoan

    We have three house helpers here (1 Yaya for my two children, 1 Chef – she cooks our food plus she feed the dogs and pigs and cleans their houses too, and 1 labandera) and because we are on a tight budget, I am thinking of laying off any one of them and divide the chores to the two house helpers who will remain working for us, I was scared of telling them because I know that they also needed to work, and God gave me the solution, He blessed my labandera with a baby (she is 3 months pregnant and asked if she can still work only up to the month of August) , now my problem is solved:D

    anyways, you can survive even without your house helper for a month, you didn’t need one before, right? and you were able to make it.

  9. Jhari

    I grew up without any help. Especially if you’re abroad, you have to do everything on your own. But my parents back home are old na, I wish I can provide a help for them.

  10. kat

    I did not grow up with househelp. I still do not have one but I do not have a family yet so I am taking care of myself only. It is good to have a plan and it seems like you are already in control.Good luck!

  11. Gerilen Elinessete

    wow i like how you manage your household! 🙂 we decided that we’ll only have a stay out househelp if our attempts fail, but fortunately we succeeded, hubby do the cooking and laundry while i do the dishes and take care of our newborn, its a good thing we work at home. i can design while bfeeding baby.
    and now, that i saw this post, im more determined to make our arrangements work out 🙂
    iwas gastos na, iwas pa sa mga posibleng nakawan at gulo. smart move mommy!

  12. CC

    Aren’t you lucky to have a family that cooperates? Hehehe. I was used to having household help. When I was a kid, everything was done by her. I was always the princess. But now I realize this isn’t the best set up if you want your kids to face the real world without any problems. Good job, Mommy P. 🙂

  13. Kristen

    I’m sure you can do it! I grew up having helpers but when I became a SAHM, I learned to do everything with the help of my husband. good luck and I hope you won’t lose your patience 😀

    1. admin Post author

      Tulungan talaga dapat or else hindi kakayanin ng isa lang.
      Hope so too! I would need lots of patience.


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