Choosing a shaving cream

From generation to generation the art of shaving has been passed on from father to son. In the past, shaving cream were not as common as they are today and their dominance has emerged in the 20th century. A pleasant painless shave is each man’s dream each morning as he is in the shower shaving his beard hoping it will leave his face as soft as a babies buttocks.

Shaving cream is used in combination with a superb quality razor to provide a shave that is not irritating, and does not leave one with redness on your face. They have antibacterial properties in case you cut you face in the shaving process. Their aim is to provide a smooth shave. A number of men and women lather up using soaps but according to beauty experts soap does not give the same outcome. Currently in the market they are available in different sizes and scents which leaves your face fresh all day. They are also others that are non-scented.

When shopping do not be in a hurry just to get one. Go through the different brands and select the one that fits you best. Some are scented and other not, some does contain essential oil from lemon lavender and sandal wood. Go through the ingredients list and ensure that you skin do does not react with any element negatively. It is also wise to visit your dermatologist and advice you on the best product for skin.

The next time as a man you stand in front of a mirror shaving ensure you are doing it right. Use the shaving cream with hot water, this is because it opens up you pores and softens the hair. Do not lather up using your fingers acquire a soft hair brush as it produces more form and in the process removes the dead skin.

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5 thoughts on “Choosing a shaving cream

  1. Shadz

    Shaving cream is better than soap indeed. I’ve tried both on my legs and the former really works better than the latter; it gives a smoother feel.

  2. Jona

    My hubby is hair all over. Esp on the face. But he doesn’t want to use shaving cream. Much more scan all the different kinds of shaving cream in the store.

  3. Filman Santiago

    I am not really particular with shaving cream. I even do shaving without it but feeling is better with it. I want to be like a ruggedly hand…. no let me say it this, I just want to be a rugged man. LOL! But since I am working in a company where shaving and cleaning up are appreciated so I shave. My son also doesn’t want me to carry him if he sees grown beard and mustache.

    Great site and shaving products Paula!


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