A Different Kind of Parade

Exercise is more fun when you have friends to do it with. That’s why I was delighted when we were invited by some of church mates to join their weekly jogging.


It was last Saturday when we headed to a police camp near our neighborhood and took advantage of their huge space to jog – or rather walk. I didn’t know they allow civilians inside their police camp but I’m glad they did. When we got inside I saw other civilians too, some even old men and women, jogging around the “square” oval. hehe

Of course, look who came with us. Little Zack was lucky he has his Dad to push his heavy stroller. He was like that sitting pretty while we huffed and puffed. If you’re wondering why the long face, I guess 5:00 am wake up time must have been too early for him. Just look at his sad face. Actually, it’s my fault. We watched a movie the night so he got to sleep later than his bedtime. Next Friday, I’ll make sure he’ll sleep really early.


While we were there, we saw hordes of policemen marching side-by-side like they were joining on a parade. It was nice to see them in their full uniform. We stopped to watch them for a bit. It’s not that often we see hundreds of policemen in one place.

Anyway, speaking of parades, in Austin there’s a different kind of parade called CowParade. No, they’re not parading live livestock but rather cows made from fiberglass. Each cow is beautifully painted with different colors one of which you can see below.

Cow Parade - Austin, TX

Thanks to US Money Reserve and other sponsors of this event because lots of sick children at Dell Children’s Medical Center will benefit from its proceeds.

One thought on “A Different Kind of Parade

  1. Pearl

    When we have free weekends, hubby and I go for walks near our place, and guess where? In the nearby cemetery 🙂 We were so surprised when a friend told us that she goes jogging there every weekend and that a lot of people do the same, there’s even a group who do some aerobic exercises. You’re right, I think it’s even more fun to do with the a group of friends.


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