A Different Date

Good morning!

We had our date yesterday. It was hard leaving the kids as usual. Zack’s face was about to crumple when I said bye-bye at the door. Even Z was surprised. We forgot to tell him before hand we were going. So they were both sad when we went. Nakaka-guilty!

So instead of going to the mall we just had a date at the nearby Jollibee and then went shopping at the – drumroll please – palengke (local market)! haha! We were gone for only about an hour max. 🙂

So you see, going on a date need not be expensive and time consuming. What’s important is the two of you get some time off by yourselves without kids. It’s really different when we go out without them. We can talk about our marriage and our plans for the future. It’s time very well spent, in my opinion.


Anyway, hubby must have liked it coz he’s asking me again for another date this Friday naman. Aba, namimihasa na! (He’s getting accustomed to this.) Twice in a week?! I told him I’m still thinking about it. haha!

But the truth is he has to get our church’s bass guitar from the guitar doctor and he wants me to tag along. I asked him, “Do you feel guilty about leaving the kids when you’re going on an errand?” He answered no. So why are you feeling guilty when we’re going out on a date?! Aha, double standard ka ha. haha! Napaisip siya dun, natameme, walang nasabi. Buti nga sa kanya. (He was speechless. Shame on him!) haha!

When we got back Z was surprised we arrived home so fast. He was even more surprised when he saw the DVD that we bought for him. We watched the movie and slept really late. The kids were happy and so were we. 🙂

Anyway, if you’re wondering why I’m translating my Tagalog it’s for our international BC Blogger members who are participating in our weekly blog hop. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my posts! This goes out to all our Filipino BC Bloggers as well.

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12 thoughts on “A Different Date

  1. Anne

    Sometimes the simplest form of diversion or date is the most fun 🙂

    What did you buy from the palengke?

    Happy Thursday! And thanks for BC Bloggers and the opportunity to meet other bloggers 😉

  2. Gelo

    What a nice date… lol Anyway you are right. There’s no need to spend too much money for a date, most specially nowadays that every single penny is so very important.

  3. ladymoxie

    If running errands together can be considered a date, then my husband and I have been going on dates more than twice a week LOL. And most of the time, I try to get him to take the children with us too. I really hate leaving the kids to have fun by ourselves. I want to involve them as much as possible especially on weekends.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    I’m amused of reading your blog. Going dating with your hubby as often as possible is not bad at all. It edifies your relationship. My wife and I are dating as often as we are. We use to talk things of the past, the present and even our plans for the future and when we go home, we feel that we’re happy and satisfied for we’re ready for any eventualities.

  5. Lady

    This made me giggle. Yeah you should go out more often. A happy couple produces a happy marriage.
    And I think that is the biggest gift you can give to your kids. The two of you happy and whole.


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