Vacation Bible School 2012

Summer time is VBS week for our church. And for the first time ever, I got involved and volunteered to become one of the assistants.

So how was the experience being in a roomful of kids ages 3-5? It’s borderline chaotic! If it weren’t for the experienced teachers in the room then it would be pure chaos. Until now I’m still in the state of shock. I am already overwhelmed with having two kids so I still can’t believe I was in a roomful of 30+ kids for the past four days and survived. But although there were kids who were not behaved, it was heartwarming to see the other children who wanted to learn and would still listen amid the chaos around them.

Assembly time. 250 kids showed up on Day 1


Kids 3-5 years old


Puppets visited on Day 3


Z gets A for being Attentive!


He even raised his hand to answer Teacher Fely’s question which unfortunately he got wrong.hehe


Tomorrow is the much awaited graduation day of the students. Hooray! I can’t wait for graduation to come. It was fun being with kids but for now two is enough for me.

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