Top 5 House Cleaning Tools

When it comes to cleaning the house, everyone can use a tool that will speed up the process or make the job easier. Some tools might also help you do away with harsh chemical cleaners. The following is a list of five house cleaning tools that do that.

1. Squeegee
Squeegees aren’t just windshield cleaners that make an appearance at gas stations. They are great for use on your windows and mirrors at home. They don’t leave behind micro-fibres and streaks the way cleaning cloths and sponges do, and you don’t need commercial spray glass cleaners, as a mixture of white vinegar and warm water will do the trick, and a squeegee will hug the glass to scrape the moisture and dirt off.

2. Mop
A good mop should be lightweight, as a heavy one will leave your arms and back tired. However, the mop head must be changed regularly, as using a single one for multiple floor cleanings will only serve to spread the dirt around. Instead of use and throw mop heads, consider reusable towel or terry-cloth mop heads that can be thrown into the washing machine once they get too dirty.

3. Duster
A good hand duster should be able to remove dust from surfaces like furniture, doors and window blinds without depositing any when you move to the next surface. Using a plain cloth duster can do this but an ostrich feather duster or lambs wool duster can lift and trap dust which will only be released when the duster is shaken out. They also eliminate the need for regular use of furniture polishes which cause and build up of wax if used too often.

4. Old toothbrush
An old toothbrush is the best tool to remove stains from the floor or countertops, cleaning bathroom and kitchen grout between tiles, polishing silver, scrubbing potatoes and other produce and lots more.

5. Steamer from Ladybug
If you’re a cleaning ninja, and want an all-in-one tool that does many of the above jobs, consider getting a steam cleaner like the steamer from Ladybug. This steam cleaning machine disinfects floors, countertops, bathroom and kitchen tiles, upholstery and curtains by converting plain tap water to steam. It comes with various attachments that can be used with almost any surface. It completely eliminates the need for chemical cleaners and leaves the house smelling fresh. It can also be used on outdoor surfaces.

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