To Own a Business or To Buy a Home?

If you get an unexpected windfall, what would you do first buy a house or start a business?

This was what I asked my husband recently.

His answer? Buy a house.

Although I don’t agree with him on that one (LOL!) I can understand where he is coming from. Having your own home is everyone’s dream. Before we came back to live in my hubby’s childhood home we have been renting for three years. Although we enjoyed every moment we were together in a place we temporarily called “home” we didn’t like the idea of having to move from one apartment to the next. We dreamed of having a place we can truly call our own.

Now we’re not renting anymore, thanks to my generous MIL, but we still dream of being able to buy our own house one day. So we use this opportunity to scrimp, save, and work harder than we ever had before.  Yes, we dream of the day we buy a home of our own.

Anyway, while we were at the mall a real estate agent approached us and showed us pictures of some condominium units. We got enticed by the beautiful photographs and the idea of living in a condo lifestyle. I was surprised that they have made these units affordable these days. Now thanks to bad credit mortgage lender, even people with bad credit scores can get a mortgage. They just have to prepare cash that could cover the downpayment and chances are they will be approved for the loan.

If you’re wondering why I wanted to set up my own business first well, it’s simple really. If my business becomes profitable then I can save up quickly for the downpayment or maybe even buy a house in cash. I would then have a source of income and a home at the same time.



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