This Is the Reason Why I Blog and Why You Start One Too

When I started this blog four years ago I wanted to document our family memories. But during the first few years I wasn’t that faithful in posting. I was busy with sponsored posts and earning a living. So documenting our family experiences took a backseat.

Now I regret that terribly because the kids are growing too fast. Soon they will be leaving our home. Since my memory sucks I probably won’t remember everything that happened. So now whether I have sponsors on my posts or not I will continue to blog. This is my faithful journal, my go-to when I want to reminisce the past. My kids can also use this when they’ve grown. If they want to remember something from their childhood they can just head back here to refresh their memories. I bet they will even say at times while reading my blog, “Oh, I almost forgot about that one!” So good thing I have it here written down and well documented.

That’s why if you’re a mom like me I encourage you to start your own blog too. For me, Facebook is not enough. Remember what happened to Friendster? I had photos there too but now they’re all gone. Who knows what will happen down the road with Facebook. But if you blog about it then you and your family can read the past and you can all remember – together. You might have different memories of the same event but reading about it again and seeing the pictures can instantly refresh your memories.

Plus add that to the fact that you can earn with your blogs too. Who doesn’t need to earn a few extra pesos (but here we get paid in dollars. :))? This is the best job for stay-at-moms, work-at-home moms, and even the best sideline for employees male or female. You don’t have a boss, you don’t have a schedule, and the pay can be rewarding!

That leads me to promoting my ebook, How To Start a Blog in 5 Minutes (and Earn from it Too). This ebook is for people who don’t know how to start a blog and have absolute no idea how to make one. I enumerated the six easiest steps to help you start your blog right this very moment. I eliminated most of the technical difficulties that most newbie bloggers encounter the first time they make a blog. In fact, with the steps I enumerated in my ebook you can set up your blog in five minutes!

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Happy Blogging!

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