The Music of JJ at Gospel Jam

We went to Gospel Jam at Centerstage last Sunday for our friend JJ’s birthday. She has written lots of songs in the past and her friends sang most of it for her birthday celebration. And my, her songs are really good too! Head on to her website and you’ll hear my favorite song of hers, Tracks and Road, in the background. Did you know she can also play the piano, guitar, and violin. Whew! Whenever I’m with my hubby’s friends I can’t help but wonder why they’re so talented while I’m not. I only comfort myself with the fact that hubby has enough talents for the two of us. Maybe God gave him all the talent since he knew we’ll be married anyway. hahaha!


Anyway, in attendance was hubby and Z:


And yours truly:


We left Zack at home because we thought we couldn’t handle having a baby inside a bar. I thought I wouldn’t miss him because we’re already together 24 hours everyday. But when our friend, Drew, brought their baby Luke along I instantly miss him!


The birthday celebrant (second from right) with her cake. With her are the hosts, Jeanne Vicars, Mark Aranal, and Joy Cruz.


And then the music started.


Z took this picture of his Dad. Pwede nang maging photographer! hehe

centerstage qc

Z was inspired by all the beautiful music. So he took the iPad out and played some music too.


I got to say this. Ever since Z attended guitar lessons he has become more interested in music. Hubby used to complain to me he thought Z wasn’t interested in guitars and music. He brought him his first real guitar when he was only four years old. It was left untouched for three years much to hubby’s dismay. It was only this year when he finally showed interest in music. Now every afternoon after finishing his PACES he would rush to practice his guitar. We don’t even have to remind him anymore. Hubby couldn’t be happier!

Meanwhile I discovered that my camera, which we only got for free for buying hubby’s laptop, can take shots by itself after detecting a face in frame.



Unfortunately it ran out of battery after. haha! Sayang coz some celebrities were there like Brennan Espartinez and Mikey Bustos. But I think I got a picture on the iPad. Will just upload it in my next posts.

Btw, if you want to attend Gospel Jam join the group on Facebook to get the latest updates on their events.

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    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, Jona! Actually parang lahat ng camera ata meron nang ganitong feature hindi lang ako techie that’s why I don’t know. haha! Sabihin ko kay S. hehe


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