Teeth Update

My eldest has been missing his two front teeth since forever! But now that one is already sprouting he is looking forward to having his teeth back again. The problem is the first one that got loose three years ago still is nowhere in sight. So now we’re wondering if it’s ever going to show up. Please other tooth, come out now. You’ll make my boy really happy if you do.

Meanwhile, my youngest already has eight teeth. We were taken aback when his front teeth showed up. They were massive! They were even bigger than his Kuya’s. One trick we learned in making him brush is by letting him watch while his elder brother brushes his teeth. He learns a lot by mimicking his elder brother.

Anyway, for tips on caring for your children’s teeth you can find more information at Western Dental tips. I learned that water goes a long way in removing bacteria in your child’s mouth so be sure to keep them hydrated always.

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