Special Buko Pandan for My Hubby

My husband has been requesting for buko pandan for the longest time. I had no idea how to make one so I pushed it at the back of my mind. But this morning I woke up with the urge to finally grant his request so I quickly searched for a special recipe in the internet. Good thing searching for recipes now is as easy as finding green coffee bean supplement online. I found one easily at Yummy.ph. Unfortunately, they had ingredients I didn’t find at the grocery so I tweaked their recipe to accommodate what I had.

Here are the ingredients I bought at the grocery.

Delicious Buko Pandan

5 pieces Buko – P100 @ P20 each
1 can Alaska Condensada – P35.49
2 T grated Eden Cheese – P39.05
1 bottle Nata De Coco – P36.28
3 packs Mr. Gulaman (buko pandan flavor) P30.00 @ P10 each
2 cans Nestle Cream – P119.36 @59.69 each
3 cups of water
1/4 cup
1 pinch of salt

After coming back from the grocery I put the condensed milk and cream in the freezer.

I started making buko pandan by separating the buko from its meat. I then washed the buko meat under running water. I learned that you have to completely wash away the buko juice from the meat since it can spoil your buko pandan even after storing in the fridge. I drained the meat to get rid of excess water.

While it’s draining I prepared the gulaman. I had disasters preparing this before. If you read the back of the packaging it says you put 6 water for every pack of gulaman. If you want to mess up your gulaman then follow that instruction. I found out 2 cups of water is enough for one pack of gulaman. Since I had 3 packs of Mr. Gulaman that means I added 6 cups of water. I mixed these and the sugar thoroughly while heating. Notice that I used gulaman with buko pandan flavor. Upon tasting I found the pandan flavor was not enough so I added 1/4 teaspoon of McCormick pandan flavor which luckily I had in the fridge. I let it boil a little then poured it in my aluminum container to set. I put it in the fridge for faster setting.

After an hour I took out the cream and the condensed milk from the fridge. I started mixing them together. At this point I also added the grated cheese. I found out later that you should put more cheese (maybe 5 tablespoons or more) coz I hardly tasted this when I tasted the final outcome. I added a pinch of salt too.

While I was mixing the creams, Ate Cora was cutting the gulaman into squares. I told her to cut it into smaller pieces because I didn’t like big gulaman squares in my mouth. hehe

I then poured the squared gulaman in the mixture. I added the buko last. You have to add this last so you won’t end up having a watery salad.

The buko pandan salad is now cooling in the freezer. I am satisfied with its creaminess. It really helped that I drained the buko and the nata for an hour. I have always wondered why my fruit salad before was so watery and now I know the secret. I still don’t know why you should put the buko last but I think it helped too.

Next time I would add more cheese and see if it does make a difference.

After one day, I’m glad the buko pandan salad is still not spoilt. Hubby said he can hardly taste the pandan flavor so I’ll double the flavoring next time. Ate Cora says it needs more sugar but I think it’s just right.

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