Our First Year of Homeschooling

My friend asked me how was our homeschooling journey like during the past year. I have to congratulate Z for being very teachable. In fact, he can do his worksheets by himself with no problem. He can understand the concepts easily. I still have to correct him sometimes but most of the time I see that he gets it just by reading the explanation. I am glad our homeschool provider’s materials are very easy to understand.

In all the subjects, he dreads Math the morst. I can understand because he has to answer three pages of worksheet. That can be tiring. Back in school we only had to answer one and then we do the rest the other days.

This school year he is going to tackle 2nd grade math worksheets. I heard from other students this and the 3rd Grade Math Worksheets are more difficult. I am going to try to make him answer it orally instead of him writing the answers.

But what I’ve realized during the past year was how time consuming homeschooling can be. I told my eldest I want to enroll him this year in a normal school but he is the one who’s resisting. I think it’s because he has realized how flexible his schedule can be when learning is done in the home. He has more time and more energy to attend to his extra-curricular activities. In fact, I think this is his most enjoyable year so far.

That’s why we’re going to give another year a go. We might have less hours to for ourselves but at least we’re investing more hours on him. 🙂

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