Naughty Boys

Zack and I woke up with colds today. I’m still breastfeeding him so he got it from me. Weather is crazy. One day it’s 34 degrees then the next it’s raining! Although we welcome the rain (because it feels like we’re living in an oven lately) we hope that we won’t get sick in the process.

Anyway, last Tuesday we went to attend another guitar lesson. Unfortunately I had to take Zack out because he keeps on walking around the room. So we just passed the time outside the room.


Poor me. Got banned from class 🙁


Now what to do?


This looks fun.


But playing with dirt is better

We were outside for maybe 10 minutes when Kuya Z followed. He told me Dad told him to go out. He was misbehaving too. Gosh, so both my kids were naughty in class. It’s so embarrassing. Anyway, after a few minutes I sent him back in where hopefully he behaved after. Got to remind him next time to treat his Dad as his teacher in class and not his Dad.

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