My Husband is Jealous and I’m Loving Every Minute of It

My husband is extremely jealous. And I’m loving every minute of it! Haha! No, he’s not jealous of another guy. He is jealous Zack is super clingy with me. When my baby wakes up the first person he would look for is me. It doesn’t matter if my husband is there with him, he cries until he sees his Mom. Just this morning I was taking a bath. I left Zack with his Dad. I was still enjoying my bath when our helper told me Zack was already crying and looking for me. So I hurried and saw his Dad trying to pacify him to no avail. And I was gone for only five minutes! And let’s not start with what happens if I go out on an errand. Ate Cora says he would come looking for me everywhere. When he doesn’t find me he will stare at the front door and cry. She pacifies him and forgets I’m gone for a few minutes. But then he remembers and his face crumples again. My poor baby!

Let’s compare that to his reaction when his Daddy is gone. His reaction – nothing. haha! He just goes about his own business like he never existed.

Poor hubby can’t accept the fact that no matter how much he bribes his little boy, that no matter how much he makes him giggle with his antics when his baby gets bored he will always look for ME! But don’t tell my hubby I’m loving the attention. I make sure to ruffle his feathers and assure him he’ll be a Daddy’s boy when he grows up. But given the fact that he just wants to be cuddled by me constantly to the point of being clingy already even I had a hard time imagining that now. Sshh…

Anyway, aside from the jealousy thing my hubby is feeling great these days. Working at home has been good to him. He gets to exercise every morning, he gets to eat healthy home cooked meals three times everyday, and he has become more involved in our church. He is spending loads of time with our kids, even teaching his son to play basketball everyday and encouraging him to play his guitar. But you know what makes him happy the most? It’s the fact that he has been sleeping a full eight hours every night.

I know it’s just a simple thing but for someone who has worked the night shift for the past few years sleeping has become a luxury. For the longest time he was only getting two to a maximum of four hours of sleep before he goes to work. At that time we didn’t know we could buy imovane at the drugstore and he would be sleeping like a baby, so my poor hubby he just endured the stress of it all. He would go to work with red eyes, tired from tossing and turning the whole day, and finally sleepy. He wants to call in sick at work but couldn’t do so because his family wouldn’t have anything to eat.

Thankfully, that’s all behind us now. He has been getting the sleep he deserves after quitting his former night shift job. He is now working regular hours online. I don’t worry about him getting sick like the way I used to. What a relief! This is one thing that brought so much joy for our family ever since he started working at home.

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