Look What Happened Last Saturday

Good morning!

I was not able to make it with my husband and son at the basketball court this morning. I was too tired from last night. The three of us attended the Gospel Jam at Centerstage. It was fun night full of people worshipping the Lord through their songs. I highly recommend it to everyone. We got back home at around 12 midnight. You know what, I’m really getting old. At about 9pm last night I was already yawning. My body can’t take late nights anymore. haha!

Anyway, if I was too lazy to get out of bed this morning my husband and Z were not. As I type this they are at the court already sweating it out and playing ball. Too bad I’m missing it. Z’s friend came along so now Z has a playmate. Yeheyy!!!

But this was not the first time. Last Saturday there were lots of children at the court. I think there were about ten eager children who wanted to play basketball. So hubby organized a mini-basketball game. It looked chaotic at first but if there’s one thing hubby knew it’s talking to children. I told you he loves children and children just naturally gravitate towards him.

Here are the shots I took:






Meanwhile Zack found a friend too.


I left early that morning because Zack was already having a tantrum. Hubby told me after I left Z burst out crying. It turned out he was not given the ball as much as he wanted. He said he wanted to quit basketball forever.

Poor Z! How can we tell him life is exactly like that? He won’t get the ball unless he gets it himself. If he’s too slow or too weak then he’ll never get the ball and no one will ever pass it to him.

Back at home after he has calmed down hubby told him how he admired the kids for learning to play by themselves. Their dads were not there to teach them but look how good they played. When asked if he still doesn’t want to play ball he replied, “Of course I’ll still play. You are always right.”

I tell you hubby and I can’t stop laughing at that point. Z didn’t put up a fight he was so resigned because he knew his daddy has a point. Oh how we wish when he’s already in his teens he still thinks that way. We still have lots of work to do.

Anyway, I have to go out now. Today is the start of our church’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) and I’m going to assist the kids. I’ll find out later what it’s like to be in the same room with 30 kids. Wish me luck!

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