It’s Time to Go to the Dentist

Summer is the time for dentist appointments for kids. Last month, I had Z’s teeth cleaned by the dentist. Before summer ends I will have one of his teeth filled with pasta. We also found out that his two front teeth are ready to come out. We waited two years for one of those tooth to show up so now that it is coming out we’re super elated. At last he won’t have to show his toothless grin anymore. 🙂

Anyway, on our next dentist appointment I would have to bring along my 16 month old baby. He already has 8 teeth so this visit is long overdue. Hopefully, we won’t have a difficult time with him because he always copies what his older brother does. So I’m hoping if he sees his Kuya sitting in the dentist’s chair he would oblige to sit next.

During times like this I wish we have a family friendly dental practice like western dental in our area.

family dentist

It’s because when I had my son’s teeth cleaned I felt the dentist didn’t make his experience enjoyable. I felt she cleaned his teeth in a rush. I know she was tired because she had three patients in a row but she should be professional and make sure every patient was treated with special care especially the younger ones who are still afraid of dentists. Thank goodness, this is not the first time Z went to the dentist so he is already familiar with the experience. But this will be Zack’s first time and as early as now I’m thinking what if she has lots of patients the day we go there? I need a dentist with lots of patience to show my baby that dentists are here to take care of our teeth and they are our friend. Let’s hope his first dentist appointment will be enjoyable.

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