Homemade Shrimp Tempura

We tried to cook shrimp tempura at home for the first time. Hubby loves Japanese food so he’s happy whenever there’s anything Japanese on our table even if it’s just a simple Japanese sauce.

For the tempura, I watched a video of a chef from Japan. I found out that in order to make the coating crunchy the batter has to be cold. So we used ice cold water in mixing the batter and put it in the freezer for a few minutes. The cold batter and the hot cooking oil should result to a crispy tempura coating.

Here’s the result of our experiment.

It was crunchy when it first came out but after a few minutes it quickly deflated. So now I think there’s something wrong with the batter I used. The chef in the video used tempura flour but I only used all purpose.

Good thing my youngest didn’t mind it at all. While I was still taking pictures I saw his hand grabbing one of my subjects. hehe


For the sauce we used Kikkoman Tempura sauce.

When I perfect this I might try cooking lobster tails. I heard these are really delicious, not to mention nutritious too.

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