Furniture of the Day: 3-2-1 Seater Wooden Sofa

Last week was super busy for me. I have been traveling to and fro to my father’s store in Caloocan to learn more about selling furniture. I realized that I can really learn to love this job. It does help that I love seeing beautiful and functional furniture. I also like the feeling of helping people find the right furniture for their homes. Plus I can even combine my blogging and furniture selling in one!

That’s why I am going to start to feature different kinds of furniture here in my blog. I am going to share different items that I like here.

Anyway, you don’t have to wait long because I have the first one for you. I saw this yesterday after one of my Dad’s seller sold this to a nice couple. I fell in love with it instantly! I wouldn’t mind having one of these in my own living room.

3-2-1 seater wooden sofa
(Click to enlarge.)

This is what you call a 3-2-1 seater wooden sofa. The one on the left is one-seater, the middle two-seater, and the third three-seater that’s why they call it 3-2-1 seater. LOL!

It also comes with a coffee table that you can use as center table plus one corner table.

The couple ordered the brown one (first). They wanted something that was not “dumihin.” I agree with their choice. Our sofa is black so I don’t have to worry about any spills and stains especially since my two boys are so kulit!

What’s good with this is once you get tired of the color you can remove the covering and exchange it with your own. You can even have it to match your curtains. Lovely, right?

Anyway, if you want this in your living room and want to know the price just send me a quick message. 🙂

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