Daiana Menezes Was Here

We were waiting for Dad to finish his music worship when I saw this mestiza in a very short dress going out of a car and then transferring aboard this truck in the middle of the street. When I heard who it was I instantly took a photo.

Do you recognize her?

Daiana Menezes

It’s no other than Brazilian beauty and former Eat Bulaga host, Daiana Menezes! I think she was the guest muse for our barangay’s basketball league but I’m not that sure.

I didn’t recognize Daiana because of the bangs. But when I saw this recent picture of hers at Pep, I confirmed it’s indeed her.


Photo courtesy of Pep.ph

Anyway, I like her already even just by seeing her for a few seconds. She didn’t look fussy and had no qualms riding aboard a truck. She was even all smiles and friendly to people on board the truck. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why she has a good reputation in showbiz. As a matter of fact, I don’t hear anything negative about her in papers. She recently left her noontime show but even that didn’t create a negative publicity because it appeared they parted in good standing. She was recently interviewed about it but she has only the best things to say about her co-workers.

I hope all celebrities are like her – down-to-earth and a good person. She didn’t let fame go to her head and other celebrities should follow her footsteps.

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