BC Blogger’s Blog Hop

BC Bloggers Club just got better!

Today we started gathering interested participants for our blog hop/comment exchange. We’re doing a weekly run to make it more manageable for everyone. I am overwhelmed by the response. It’s just a few hours since I sent the emails and there are already 15 participants!

I have been asked this a dozen times.

“Is BC Bloggers only for Moms?”

The answer:

Definitely not!

MommyDiary.net is the home of BC Bloggers. It is my main blog. Although it’s a mommy blog that doesn’t mean BC Bloggers is only for moms. BC Bloggers is open to all bloggers – newbie, veteran, male, female, local, international. Everyone who needs help in their blogging is welcome to join.

How can you join?

Subscribe here. An email with instructions will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Hope to see you there!

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