And Then There Were Seven

It’s a running joke in my husband’s family that they are abundant in boys in the family but unfortunately, not a single girl. To date, my husband’s mom has seven grandkids and all of them are boys raging from 17 months to 7 year old. So yes, it’s suffice to say we have lots of balls, die cast cars, action figure toys in our homes but no collectible porcelain dolls just yet. When they are together they are surely one rambunctious bunch.

The pack is led by the two eldest cousins, Z and Ren. They love each other like brothers and get along most of the time.


Z and Ren

They’re followed by Ren’s younger brother, Tim, and Clive. They are the opposite of Z and Ren. They don’t get along, period. haha!


Tim (L), Clive with moi.

Now comes the adorable twins, Colin and Caleb. They are Clive’s younger brothers. I shudder to think what they will do when they’re older because as early as now they bite each other as a way of showing affection. haha!


Colin and Caleb or vice versa. Sorry, I’m still confused who’s who.

To complete the bunch is our youngest son, Zack. We don’t know what his role would be because he is not socializing just yet but I can assure he’ll be a handful. That is if we based it in the tantrums he’s been throwing recently. Will blog about that later too.


One of the twins and Zack

The 7 cousins in one place during Tim’s birthday.



So now the million dollar question is would the eight cousin be the much awaited girl in the family or just another boy? Nobody knows the answer for now. We just have to wait and see.

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