After Two Years We Rode the PNR Train Again

Good morning!

I have been out the whole day yesterday. Feeling working Mom lang ang peg. hehe.

I brought Z with me. We rode the PNR train. It’s been two years since we last rode it. I even made a blog entry about it here.

Before all trains except the ones going to Bicol were air-conditioned. So imagine my shock when a non-airconditioned trained pulled up. But the worst was the crowd! Unbelievable! We were so cramped inside that for a minute I feared for our lives, especially for Z’s.

The good news was we only had to endure that for about five stations and then after it was more bearable. We were even able to enjoy the breeze coming from the windows. Non-airconditioned trains are not so bad after all. In fact tomorrow magtutuos ulit kami ni PNR. hehe

Anyway, the reason I was out I was working on our furniture website, getting the prices, and the specifications of the furniture I will be selling. I will be launching the website soon so watch out for it. 🙂

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