Zack’s First Haircut

Oh gosh, the past week has been filled of activity after activity and I haven’t blogged a single thing! I have so many kwento so no more intro and I’ll just go to the main event.

Last week, Zack had his first haircut! Actually, it’s his second haircut but during the first time we cheated and did it while he was sleeping. He just turned one year old that time. I held him while his Dad cut his hair. Result: no pic and uneven haircut.

This time, we decided to do it the hard way – while he was wide awake and kicking. Side note: on our eldest we didn’t think of cutting his hair ourselves. We had to find a barber brave enough to cut. We would get turned down because they don’t do small kid’s hair. It was only later we learned that the first haircut was done mostly by parents.

Being first timers in this haircutting thing, it was a disaster at first.

Daddy tried to cut his hair while he was standing up. It was a bad idea because he tried to run away.

baby haircut

I tried to get him to sit on my lap but he insisted on going down.

At last, we found the solution.

If you want to do this at home you would need a chair, scissors, and – an iPad! The latter to keep him entertained while you snip and snip, of course. Be sure to keep his favorite toys at arm’s reach too. In Zack’s case we had his two guitars by his side.

He was so distracted he didn’t even notice what Daddy was doing.

toddler haircut

Got to cut these strays – Daddy.

Zack's haircut with dad

But watch out for sudden movements!


Sit tight, Zack we’re almost done.


This haircut is a success!


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