Shopping at Raon

Last week, I tagged along with hubby and his friends to do some shopping. They wanted to buy an amplifier for our church so off to Raon we went. The day was so hot and humid but because it was a holiday traffic was smooth.

There were not many shoppers probably because it was a Good Friday when we went there.

Raon on a hot day.


If you want to buy a musical instrument or anything related to music and get the best deals this is the place to go.

Just look at their extensive collection of acoustic guitars.

Raon guitar store

Raon acoustic guitars

There are electric guitars too.

Raon guitars

Hubby wanted to buy a guitar case to replace his old one.


But that one didn’t pass his standards.


Anyway, you will encounter items that are not well made but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good finds. So to be sure check everything before you buy.

I got bored while they went shopping. My eyes couldn’t take the endless parade of guitars, speakers, music paraphernalia that I saw. Imagine you’re at a shopping haven and you can’t shop for a single thing. Now I know how my husband feels when I’m the one shopping. haha!

Anyway, if there’s a will, there’s a way they say. So when I spotted these balls I quickly bought one. I missed my two boys back home and I was delighted to bring home a pasalubong.

balls for sale

The advantage of shopping there is you can haggle. The amplifier they bought they were able to get for 25% less than the original price. That’s a really good deal. Of course, there’s an art in haggling that you must know that too.

If you’re like me and don’t know how to haggle then it’s not all lost. There are online shops that give you the lowest price. Since keeping an online store is cheaper than running a physical store they can afford to give you the best deals. One such store is They sell led curtains and bead related home decors.

We were there for about three hours. I think they were not able to buy everything they need. That’s one of the disadvantages of shopping at local stores. If you can’t find it then you can’t buy it while online, the best deals are just clicks away.

But it was overall a nice experience. If you are on a budget but still want to buy the best music related stuff that’s the best place to go.

Parking tip: If you are going to Raon you can park your car at Isetann and just walk. It’s about two blocks away so it’s not that far.

3 thoughts on “Shopping at Raon

  1. Manilenya Mom

    Thanks for this information, my son actually needs a new guitar bag and we’re looking into buying him an electric guitar with amplifier in one package. The only place I know to go to was at Sta. Mesa 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      @Manilenya Mom – I’m sure your son would love it there. They have guitars in every colors. One electric guitar looks like a real fender and almost fooled my hubby but the sales attendants would tell you naman if it’s fake or real so don’t worry.


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