Moms, Are Your Serving Healthy Food at Home

Let’s talk about food today. I’ve been thinking about the food that I’m letting my family eat. My primary concern is – am I serving them healthy food? Are what they eating giving them all the nutrients they need? And my worst fear of all – am I serving them something that would make them suffer diseases someday. That alone is enough to give me nightmares at night.

For the past several years, I tried to serve them basic things. I’m not a fan of fancy cooking at home and I think I will never be. I try to alternate fish and meat dishes. If there is a such a term I am what you call a minimalist cook. If it tastes too good then I wonder what they added to make it taste that way. Did they add too much sugar, salt, or seasoning that are rich in MSG?

A few days ago, my husband wanted some fruit smoothie. A smoothie was made from banana, mango, papaya but to make it more delicious sugar and evaporated milk were also added. If I had my way I would just encourage him to eat the fruit as it is. Why? It’s healthier that way.

But what really is healthy cooking? That’s the question I asked at the mom forum I’ve been frequenting. And because I’m no expert I decided to seek the help of the experts – Food and Nutrition Research Institute. The good news is they have already posted a lot of recipes in their website. The recipes are interesting. I noticed they altered some famous dishes and replaced the unhealthy ingredients to something healthier.

I’m excited to try all these recipes at home (or rather let our helper try it). According to their website those are all kitchen tested recipes. Now when I’m serving something I don’t have to wonder if it’s healthy enough or not. The thing to be seen is will they like and eat it?

gardenia sweets

Don’t miss my future posts to find out. The first recipe I’ll try is the one called Gardenia Sweets. The ingredients are enough to make my husband shudder – patani, kamote, kalabasa, carrot, and kangkong. I’m a vegetable eater but even I am having second thoughts. haha! Anyway, they are the experts so let’s see what comes out of this.

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