Look Who Attended his First Guitar Lesson!

Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, there is summer music lessons in our church. It is a nice activity for the kids who are now on summer break. Best of all, it is free and their parents don’t have to pay anything. All they need to do is show up and they will learn to play a musical instrument.

Hubby is in charge of the guitar lessons.

summer music lessons

Zack and I tagged along to check them out.

guitar lessons

Before long, the little kid was walking up and down like a supervisor.

little kid

“You got to listen to my Daddy or elseā€¦” – Zack

guitar lessons

Kuya is focused on the lesson.


When Daddy clapped his hands Zack also clapped his little hands.




Next time I’ll let him sit in with his guitar.

Is your kid attending summer lessons too? Tell me about it.

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