Guitar Lesson 101 with Zack

My hubby’s schedule is so hectic! Aside from teaching our kids basketball in the morning he also goes out of his way to teach music to other kids twice a week. That’s why when I see him doing all of this I feel proud of having a husband just like him. Never mind that he doesn’t give me gold chains I still feel blessed that he ended up as my husband.

Back in the days when had no kids yet he would dote on his younger siblings. Did you know that he even took them to our dates? LOL! It was the first time I encountered a guy doing that. But that was the first sign he was going to be a great father. Now he still does it. He wants to bring the kids all the time. I put my foot down on our dates, of course or elseā€¦ haha!

Anyway, I just want to share some pics of Zack with his guitar (what else is new?haha!) but this time with the other kids at the music class.

I gave him his own chair and he sat still just like the older kids.


My baby looks so mature. You’d think he really knows how to play a guitar!

He would “listen” to his Dad’s lessons.

When his Dad asked the kids to group themselves in small groups Zack has his own group too. FYI, this is the advanced group. haha!


In fairness, he tried to sit still for as long as he could (about 20 mins) but after he got tired and started walking all over the room.

He played with his playmate, he’s the son of a mom who’s trying to learn to play guitar too. But the two of them combined – all hell broke loose!


They were so active together I had to take Zack upstairs. We saw the other students learning drums.


There’s another group trying to learn to play the piano in a separate room. They’re taught by teens who hubby has been teaching for a year already. Now it’s their turn to share what they have learned to smaller kids.

I wish we had this when we were kids. My grandma paid for one-on-one piano lessons with a nun when I was about 10 years old but I never got to continue. She tried to teach me classic songs when all I wanted to learn to play were the popular ones. Siguro if I was learning with my peers I would have stuck to it longer.

Anyway, hubby announced they’ll be having a recital before their graduation. I’m so excited!

2 thoughts on “Guitar Lesson 101 with Zack

  1. Aileen

    Hi Paula! This is one of my dreams…to teach kids to play musical instruments. Right now guitar pa lang kaya ko ituro. But I plan to study other instruments. Kakatuwa naman si Zack…sabi sa yo future musician yan eh hehehe…the way he holds the guitar. :-)


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