Day 2: Frustrating at First but He Did It

It was hard to wake the whole household at 6am but we made it. Little Zack woke up first. Kuya was still sleepy but he jumped out of bed and got ready in five minutes.

Today is the second day of Z’s basketball training. He was able to shoot the ball five times in his one-hour training. I feel proud because during the first 20 minutes he was really frustrated and tensed. He couldn’t shoot a single hoop.

Good thing, trainer Dad was right there to give him the proper words of encouragement which is more effective than boladrol I dare say. He told him to relax and just enjoy himself. That worked because his first shot came a few minutes after their pep talk.

Look how happy he is in this picture. He has already made his first shot by this time.

basketball court



While his Kuya was playing, little Zack had the whole court to himself to run around.


He would run like this with arms all over and saying words only he could understand.


But pretty soon he got tired and drank some water.



He must have been so tired because he wanted me to carry him already.


I got my exercise too by walking around the court carrying a 12 kilo baby. haha!

That’s how our morning went. Tomorrow I’ll make Z wear his rubber shoes to practice.

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