Day 12 of Basketball

When you’re already a parent you’ll really do anything for your kids. That’s what me and my husband are realizing lately. And that’s also the reason why we have been waking up every day at 6 in the morning and dragging our tired and sleepy bodies outside to play basketball.

So how is his training going so far?

It’s so hard. Some days we don’t get any progress. Some days we wonder why we bothered going there at all. But each and every day we see the look of interest in Z’s eyes and we both think, “We can’t let him down. We have to go on and try harder.”

So that’s how we got to our day 12 of Z’s basketball training. Yes, we have been going to the basketball court from Monday to Saturday for two weeks now. Hurray! That’s a big feat for two parents who haven’t exercised in years.

And oh I have a story. During one of our days there two small kids came to play. They were only 6 and 9 year olds but they were so good! They have a big basketball and not like the small ball Z was using. And take note, they were shooting using this big ball. I tell you when we saw them our jaws dropped to the floor. It took all my self control to grab them and beg them to play with my son. haha!

Anyway, I told my husband we have to find him basketball buddies asap. It will be more work for my husband but it will motivate and inspire Z in the long run to have some playmates. If that means hubby needs to organize an impromptu basketball clinic for the kids then we’ll have do it.

Me: Dad, Z really needs playmates. That’s the only way he’ll learn.
Hubby: So what do we do?
Me: I’ll gather all the kids we see lingering by the court and you’ll have to teach all them – just like you do in your music class.
Hubby: *looks at me in disbelief*

Hahaha! Poor hubby. I pity him really. I know he’ll rather play on his iPad than do all of this. It’s already hard work to work with one kid and if you bring more kids to the equation it would be exhausting.

Anyway, he got his reward after. Out of nowhere, Z thanked him for teaching him to shoot this morning.

Here are some pictures I took on our run this morning:

Z is already wearing his shoes. He asked me to buy him basketball clothes next time.
basketball clinic for kids
Z’s posture is already improving. He’s slouching so much before but now he’s only slouching a little bit. I’m sure after a few months he’ll be walking tall already.
basketball for kids

Another benefit of exercise is I noticed he’s sleeping earlier than usual. Before he had a hard time falling asleep. He would toss and turn in the bed for up to two hours. Now within 30 minutes he’s snoring. If your kids have hard time sleeping or sleeping very late then they must not be getting enough exercise.

And how about our Zack, our cute bunso. He’s okay. He’s just being his regular cute self. Look at these pictures.

basketball toddler
He was already tired so he sat down and started singing.

One thought on “Day 12 of Basketball

  1. max

    wow, health conscious family hahaha
    i really wanted my hubby to join me in my mornng routine – walking and skip rop, tamad gumising ng maaga eh


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