Cure for Hot Flashes

I am fortunate enough to have a helper who helps me around the house. She is already in her 50s. She is a good cook and knows her way around the house. I don’t need to teach her how to do her chores. She manages her time well and can do the household chores fast and efficiently.

I like having her around but, currently, she is experiencing menopause. I notice her discomfort from hot flashes from time to time. I know she’s feeling bad when she’s extra quiet and retires to her room right early. I don’t blame her because our current summer temperature that reaches 35 degrees Celcius can aggravate what she’s feeling.

menopause hot flushes

If you are a woman between the ages of 40-60 who are experiencing hot flashes characterized by sudden intense feeling of heat, irregular heartbeat, flushing, and perspiration then it’s more likely they are suffering from hot flashes. You can help give them hot flash relief by giving them medication like Amberen. Of course, be sure to consult your doctor first before taking any medication.

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