Basketball with my Two Boys

I have been lamenting about the lack of parks in our neighborhood. That’s the reason why we go all the way to Quezon city on Saturdays to allow them some play time at the Quezon Memorial Circle. Well, it turned out I was not looking hard enough. We didn’t have parks but we had three basketball courts in our place. And since I am a mother of two boys I am not complaining.

So when the clock strikes six in the early morning me, my husband, and our two kids all troop to the basketball court. My husband is in charge of teaching Z to play the sport while I look after Zack. Our baby has his own ball too but he prefers to just run around the court for now. After 45 minutes he starts to crawl and that’s when we know it’s time to go back home.

Here’s Zack showing some ball skills.

zack basketball
As you can see, I don’t have problems with fertility. On the contrary after my eldest was born I had to go on the pill for five long years which was the reason for the six year age gap between my two boys. Sometimes it’s tough looking after two energetic boys but it’s all worth it.

ivf procedure
For couples who are not able to conceive naturally they are still fortunate because nowadays women can undergo ivf. This procedure is not only for couple with fertility problems. It is also for women age 40 and above who prioritized their careers first and now found themselves to be too late to have a baby. IVF can reverse time for them and give them the chance to have a child.

I was reading santa monica fertility blog, the blog of one of the experts in IVF, and found out that they can even select the gender of your baby with 99% accuracy. If only we can do that naturally since my husband and I are hoping for a baby girl next. Two boys is too much for us and we just want a cute little girl for a change. haha!

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