Basketball for Z

In an effort to wean my son away from digital toys I bought him a basketball last week. It was black and yellow and just the way he liked it. Just look at this picture with him posing with the ball.

zyke basketball

He even wanted me to take a picture of him dribbling.


The problem was a little baby saw the ball too. He wanted to have it.


Kuya would have none of it.


But little boy was persistent.


Of course, the baby got his way.


Now he wants me to take a picture of him dribbling.

zack basketball

He just wanted to copy his Kuya’s moves and after that he got tired of the ball right away. Now, his Kuya can already play in peace. During times like this, I’m just glad my eldest is already mature enough to give way to his younger sibling. It really does save me a lot of premature gray hairs!

Anyway, see his Angry bird’s shirt. He’s cute in it but I’m sure he’s cuter wearing an Ohio State baby shirt.


If you have a baby girl then you’re in for a treat. They have cheerleader outfits for infants! This is a cutie. I want one! But I gotta have a baby girl first. haha!


Back to the ball, the next time we were at the mall we bought him a basketball ring. So now when he has nothing to do he can practice shooting hoops anytime he wants. His Dad also required him to practice playing his guitar at least once a day. Thank goodness for iPad apps, he can practice his guitar without having to wait for his Dad to finish working. So by the time his Dad gets off from the laptop he has done all the things he’s supposed to do and earns some free time for his favorite computer games.

Aside from those activities he’s also active in our church dancing and attending music lessons twice a week. Next week, he’ll be present for the annual Vacation Bible School.

Whew, I didn’t realize our little boy has become so active and has so many extracurricular activities. I haven’t heard him complain the least. In fact, just last night he was telling himself that today he will attend his music lessons and he told me he’s looking forward to it.

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