An Enjoyable Dinner at Flapjacks

After our shopping jaunt at Raon we heard our stomachs grumbling. Walking under the hot sun and going from store to store trying to find the best deals must have taken its toll. Good thing our good friend, Dan, was working at the nearby Flapjacks. Okay, it was not quite near but we went out of the way to meet him and also to tell him he’ll be treating us to dinner. haha!

Flapjacks interior.

flapjacks robinson place

Hubby and me.

flapjacks robinson

We started with a huge platter of nachos. In the photo are two of Z’s ninong – Jojo and Jonjon.

flapjacks nachos

Next we had Creamy Dory Tartar.

fish and fries at Flapjacks

We also had some some Flapjacks’ Fancy Blueberry Pancakes.

blueberry pancake at flapjacks

And finally, Chicken Stuffed (or is it stuffed chicken) parmigiana.

chicken stuffed parmigiana

The verdict?

The nachos are my favorite. It reminds me of my favorite chips but 100% better! Can you tell I’m a junk food addict? LOL!

But the guys can’t stop raving about the Creamy Dory Tartar. Hubby, who was not a fish eater, wanted to eat more. I got strict orders to not forget to serve it at home.

The pancake was one of the fluffiest we’ve eaten. I would love to steal their recipe especially after the pancake recipe disaster at home. Too bad we forgot to pour the honey on those fluffy pancakes! Aww! I also found out that this is their signature dish and their name, Flapjacks, is actually slang for pancakes!

The parmigiana was okay. I can tell the sauce was made from fresh tomatoes.

Anyway, as you can see we licked our plates clean. Not a single morsel of food left. We were so full we almost couldn’t stand up. I was so stuffed I forgot to buy the adhesive packaging tape I badly needed at home.

flapjacks with dan, jojo, jonjon

Anyway, thanks Dan for the yummy dinner. Don’t worry, we will be back. haha!

Flapjacks Midtown Branch
Level 1, Al Fresco, Robinson’s Place Manila Midtown, Manila
Contact Numbers: 567-2745 / 0917-5078646

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