14 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Opening an Account at Citiseconline (now COL Financial) is Fast and Easy

  1. Jhen

    Wow! I like this idea! thank you po for sharing. I’m presently loading the website although I think I’ll have to review more about stock markets :)

    1. admin Post author

      @Jhen @ Chrisair – You can also take the seminars offered by Citisecoline. Check their website. The seminars are free. :)

  2. Jonna

    Hello there Mommy Paula! Still remember me? hehehe.. End of next month, my sister and I will start funding our account and buy stock market. Ang plan namin is more than P5k so dagdag ng ipon. I am VERY happy to share to you that I attended their Basic Stock Market last month. Hindi pa namin napupuntahan ang seminar for COL Easy Investment Plan since very demanding ang sched namin ng sister ko. Conflict a nagiisang sched nila for the said seminar pero next month talaga kailangan ko ng pumunta :). I am going to blog about my experience about it. Thank you cause reading through your blog, it inspires me more na ituloy to. Ang dami kong natutunan duon. Iba rin talaga pag kinukwento at binabasa. I highly recommend attending their seminars. Good luck sa atin :)

  3. Yannie

    Thanks for sharing sis!

    I and my sister are planning to invest in stock market. I’m wondering how we can do it since we’re both in Canada; and #4 answers my question :-)! My worries is that I don’t have any billing statement but my sister does.

  4. LaDyXciD

    My brother opened his account here years ago.. he is enjoying it and is earning really well :) Too bad wala pa ako pang open ng account but when I do I’ll surely try it since it’s helpful to have investments plus matuto pa tayo mgsave at magpalago ng money naten…

  5. Marie

    Hi, Mommy Paula! You know one of my biggest regrets? That I preferred burning my income in the mall rather than saving and investing. With the way the stock market has gone up, I should have accumulated a lot na…I just joined COL last February and I am really really bent on mending my spending ways na


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