24 Hour Fever

Zack gave us a scare yesterday. We were about to sleep when I noticed he was running with fever. I thought it would be gone when we wake up the next day but it persisted throughout the day. He didn’t want to eat and play. He just wanted to be cuddled. He didn’t want anyone to hold him but me. So we were together literally the whole 24 hours yesterday. His Dad is also worried sick and spent the night taking care of him. I’m glad we can be with him when he needs us the most but it was really tiring taking care of a sick baby. While some parents would resort to Acid cigars to take some of the stress off I, on the other hand, tried to sleep it off. As soon as I saw him nod to sleep I also took a rest. This way I know I’ll be strong enough to take care of him and not get sick afterwards.

Anyway, the good news is when we woke up this morning he was already fine and dandy. He’s already playing a little and eating some of his favorite food. Right now he’s at the kitchen eating some fruits with our helper that’s why I was able to sneak some time to do my work.

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